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Improve your problem solving skills and help others with INSIGHTS.

Share and discover new key insights and hints on over 20,000 competitive programming/math problems. Level up your problem solving skills by solving similar problems on insights you struggled with discovering.

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Share key insights/observations as well as hints for over 20,000 problems including Codeforces, USA Computing Olympiad, American Math Competitions (AMC) 8/10/12/AIME/USA(J)MO, AtCoder and DMOJ
Summarize key insights/hints with artificial intelligence (AI/ML) and see the key insights that other top problem solvers are thinking of in a problem
Find similar problems based on insight(s) of one problem to continue practicing insights/observations you struggled with applying/seeing in a problem.
See hints to be able to take more away from more time spent on hands on problem solving.
A journal to store the statuses of all problems you are solving and the key insights used making it convenient to use this website

The future roadmap:

An AI to predict key insights/observations needed to solve a problem and apply the necessary algorithms.
AI to summarize the key insights used in certain contests/a certain level (e.g. USACO gold) to help you achieve your goals.

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